Light medical vehicle / Seated medical transport

Your VSL in Quimper and its region

Medical transport by VSL (light medical vehicle) may be covered by social security, following a medical prescription and obtaining a transport voucher.

There are many medical situations for the use of a contracted taxi:

• hospitalization, entry and exit
• treatments and medical examinations
• long-distance medical transport (150kms and more)
• medical checks
• recurring medical appointments
• transportation of children and teenagers…

Consider this means of transport for your medical appointments in regional or long-distance hospitals (Pontchaillou, CHU Nantes, Pitié-Salpêtrière, Necker, etc.)

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    Adapted VSL transport

    We offer this type of transport for short and long distances.

    You will then benefit from a means of transport adapted to your needs. You will be able to benefit from partial or complete coverage of the cost of transport from social security.